Things Every Pit Bull Owners Should Know

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“A dog is a guy’s best friend.” He is a loyal enthusiastic pet that will add life to the house. He’s fun and energetic and always ready to play. He dedicates himself to protecting his owner and might save his life too, as we hear in many miracle stories. The bottom line is a dog is one of the best domestic pets one may get.

Pit bulls make great pets. This is because the breed has a lot of great qualities that truly make things very enjoyable for pet owners. However, taking care of this breed can be quite a chore especially for first-time dog owners.


History of Pit Bulls

People are often curious to find where the name “pit bull” came from. The history of pit bulls is an interesting one. As mentioned earlier, this breed evolved because of breeding between fighting bulldogs and agile terriers so that a canine could be developed that would ideal for the sport of ratting (which developed from the sport of “baiting”). Baiting was initially developed by butchers, who kept ferocious bulldogs to train bulls that had to be taken to the market for slaughter. With time, it slowly developed into a popular sport with the masses that enjoyed watching these dogs “bait” bulls, bears, horses and several other animals. When baiting became an illegal sport, these dogs were used for ratting, in which people watched these dogs attack smaller animals like rats. Instead of a large baiting ring, this sport was conducted in pits, hence the name “pit” bull. The agility and aggressiveness of this breed became a useful asset to farmers who used them for herding their livestock and protecting them from wild animals and other dangers.

Pit bulls are now considered as faithful companions of humans and have shown their loyalty as home pets, police search dogs and therapy dogs.

Physical Characteristics

Pit bulls or bull terriers are medium-sized with the toned and muscular structure. The heights of this breed ranges from 46-60 cm and weighs anywhere between 14-27 kg. Its eyes are in the shape of an almond and ears can be small or medium in length. Pit bulls have a thick, short and shiny coat of hair, which can vary in color. The lifespan of pit bull terrier is considered about 12 years.

Behavioral Characteristics

A trained pit bull is a good-natured and obedient animal that shows a high level of affection towards children and seeks a lot of attention from its owners. Because if its high intelligence, it is used both as a working dog and as a companion. It is widely used in rescue operations and used as police or armed service dogs.

Health Problems

This breed is a very muscular and overall a healthy one but occasionally suffers from health conditions like congenital heart disease, cataracts, and hip dysplasia.


  • A Pit Bull Is Not More Aggressive Than Other Dog Breed: Some people want to get a pit bull because they want to scare and intimidate potential threats to their home. They think a pit bull is more aggressive and therefore more effective at scaring away burglars or home invaders. Unfortunately, this is a misconception purported by Hollywood movies. Actually, a pit bull scores less than average on the aggression scale compared to other dog breeds. This means they are note really especially aggressive as a breed. If you want a very aggressive dog, then you should look at other breeds.
  • A Pit Bull’s Jaw Does Not Lock: There is an ongoing myth that when a pit bull bites down on a victim, its jaws lock making it hard for the victim to shake the dog off. This is not true at all. In fact, a pit bull is just like any other dog. Its jaws do not lock at all.
  • You Get the Pit Bull That You Raised: As a breed, a pit bull is often more susceptible to training. This means you will get the dog that you trained if you go with a pit bull. Your pit bull will assume the personality and temperament that you allowed the dog to be as it grew up. If you treat your pit bull well, the dog will treat you back in kind. However, if you hurt your pit bull regularly, then it will only be a matter of time when your pit bull gets aggressive with someone.
  • Pit Bulls Make Great Service Dogs: If you are looking for a guide dog or a service dog that can help a disabled person with a few tasks, then a pit bull is a truly great candidate. When properly trained, a pit bull will definitely be of great service to its master.
  • They Make Great Guard Dogs: While pit bulls are not overly aggressive than other dog breeds, it does not mean that they cannot be aggressive when needed. You should train your pit bull properly to be a guard dog and you can be sure that your home will be protected from the people that it needs protecting from.


It is best if one starts training the pit bull at a young age because then, the pit bull is more flexible and easier to teach. To begin with, one should focus on socialization. Expose your dog, at an early age, to variable situations and different people and animals. It is important that a pit bull learns to become comfortable in all environments. The owner must keep thing positive and upbeat since the overall mood reflects on the dog.

Another thing one should do is make sure the dog’s attention is always in his hands. One should take time to practice commands on different occasions and situations. A whistle or “Hey” may be meant to grab the dog’s attention. The dog should always respond to his master’s commands in spite of the distractions around him. That way, the dog’s actions are always under control so there is no room for reckless wild behavior.

This opens the door for another important training tip which is to make sure the dog knows who the boss is. For example, walk in front of him to let him know who’s in charge. Always walk upright and do not show intimidation. Do not respond to his controlling behavior; if there is a certain action the dog is doing that you don’t like, insist on him stopping it. For example, if you don’t want the pit bull to sleep on your bed, remove him whenever he does it. With time he’ll learn that he shouldn’t do it. If the dog is demanding attention annoyingly (like barking loudly), do not respond. When he cools down and sits quietly, pet him and grant him the attention he wants. In this way, he’ll learn what behavior pays off and what doesn’t. Moreover, praise and privileges must be earned. If they are given excessively, they lose their value. That’s why toys and other benefits should only be granted when the dog does an exceptionally good behavior. This also confirms the fact that power is in your hands.

Training a pit bull doesn’t have to require hiring an expensive trainer. It can be done at home though it will definitely take a lot of time and effort it is worth it. Once trained, a Pit bull is a great companion.


  1. Balanced Diet: Your dog’s diet is as important as your diet. It’s important to know what the vital nutritional needs of your dogs are. Your dog may have an upset stomach if he doesn’t get enough nutrients and vitamins. In addition, he may have weight issues, brittle bones, and oily skin, just to name a few. For the overall wellbeing of your pooch, make sure he gets a proper diet.
  1. Pre-Packaged Food: You can go for pre-packaged food as it contains all the nutrients your pet needs. According to most dog owners, dogs love foods that are dry and moist. The fact of the matter is that their diet should vary based on textures, ingredients and nutritional value.

Of course, dogs are carnivores and they hunt a prey and love to chow on a delicious bone. So, make sure your dog gets a diverse diet. This will make him happy.

  1. Meat is Full of Nutrients: Meat has loads of crucial nutrients. So, it should be part of your pooch’s diet. But make sure his diet also has carbohydrates and fiber for better stability and digestion. Moreover, you can add a bit of moist food every now and then. But make sure you don’t give him pancakes on a daily basis or he may fall sick. And if he falls sick, he will lose weight quickly.
  1. Vegetables Are Good: What your dog needs is a balanced diet, and the best diet consists of a variety of good ingredients. Many dogs love to eat vegetables. The great thing about vegetables is that they contain essential vitamins and nutrients for dogs. Just give veggies ago and you will see your dog get happier and healthier with the passage of time. Make sure you give him fresh veggies.

All you need to do is maintain a balance between natural food and processed food. Making dishes for your lovely pit bull can be a great family event. Moreover, a dog is very good at expressing gratitude. And you will know it if he walks to you and gives you a big, wet kiss. Hope these tips will make your dog a happy dog.

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