Living In an Apartment with Your Dog

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In the present days where people live in apartments rather than in large homes, it is quite easy finding a lot of apartments where human reside with their dogs, this is due to the changes in law and increasing urbanization of our society. However, it takes a lot of effort to ensure that these dogs are comfortable and happy while living with you in a smaller space. These are some tips that can make it easier living with a dog.

  • Choose your apartment carefully: Before renting an apartment, ensure that dogs are permitted to live in such areas. When looking for a new apartment or looking to adopt a new pet, talk to your landlord because most landlords may have particular requirements about the type of dog that are acceptable such as dog size and breeds. This can be for legal reasons or neighbors. You should look at various factors such as the size of your apartment; check the balcony to make sure the dog can’t fall off. You should also check your garden to ensure your pet would be secured if you living in the ground floor apartment.
  • Choose your dog carefully: Take your time to choose dogs that are less active and are smaller in size as they would be more appropriate for your apartment. Dogs like pit bulls and bull terriers would be less ideal compared to French bulldogs since they are much smaller dogs. Bigger dogs will need more room to roam around and may not adapt well to small space. This frustration may lead to aggressive and often destructive behaviors like chewing. It is important to take a look at your apartment and map out spaces for dog furniture, toys, and bed.  It is also advisable to choose a smaller dog, or a dog like an English bulldog, as they are not high energy as some other breeds.
  • Prepare for house training: Training a puppy can be a difficult thing to do especially when living in an apartment with multiple floors. Puppies are not yet trained and will need to go outside often, and this might be a demanding duty. You may consider using a dog pad for training at first until your dog is trained to hold it until going outside.
  • Make out time for your dog daily: Although your dog resides in an apartment with you, they still need to go out a couple of times every day to stretch out those legs. Makes sure you set aside time daily to take them for a walk or consider hiring a professional dog leash walker if you are too preoccupied for that.
  • Make out time for fun and games: Dogs enjoy playing so much, whether it is running around, chasing other dogs or just rolling around on the floor. Apartment dogs love to play even the more. Hence you ought to provide a series of toys which prevents or curtails any destructive behavior. Toys that rotate have more potential to hold the interest of your dog and ensure you interact with them when you are home. Ensuring your dog has fun and enough play time would reduce boredom and anxiety.
  • Take them to vet clinic regularly: This is very important because most apartments have a shared outside ground. The dog might come in contact with people and needs to be vaccinated and kept free from parasites and parasitic diseases. On rare occasions, someone might accuse your dog of biting, and proof of vaccination would have to be shown.

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