How to Take Care of Your English Bulldog

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If you are looking for a dog breed that will make a great companion, an English bulldog would be a great choice. Although English bulldog dogs are not easy to care for, therefore, you need to do enough research on how to provide the best care for this dog. It’s a fact that bulldogs are strong-willed and stubborn, but with the right training, English bulldog can make loyal companions that like the company of its owner. Therefore, if you decide to adopt this dog, this article will give you some important tips on how to take care of an English bulldog.

Caring for an English bulldog can be a fun and rewarding experience as long as you take the time with some effort put into it. Bulldog are wonderful companions, very loving and loyal. There are several ways in which you can make sure your English bulldog health is well taken care of.

One of the major characteristics of an English bulldog is that they love attention. They are a great companion for a home with kids. And they are also very good with other pets. With love and attention, this dog can be very loving and loyal to their owners. Bulldogs seem to be very active and energetic, but they get tired quickly. When walking or exercising this dog, ensure you don’t overdo it. When they are tired, they sprawl on the ground and refuse to move.

English bulldog loathes hot temperatures; therefore make sure your home has air conditioning. They are house pets and should not be left out on heat or cold because the hot and cold weather can have a negative effect on your English bulldog health. If it is very hot outside, ensure you keep your dog inside and don’t let your dog out on a very cool weather either.

One issue you might have with an English bulldog is that as they get older, they become less interested in exercise. Although they are short and stocky, it is important to exercise them on a daily basis to prevent obesity. And don’t forget to give them water frequently because as they get tired from running around, they will need lots of water.

Train your bulldog to follow your commands. You will have to teach your dog to Sit, Come and Stay. In addition, it is very important to start house training your dog early. All these trainings are more effective when you use positive reinforcement with your dog. Instead of punishing your pup when it is not doing the right thing, you should make it a fun experience when it does the right thing. Give him a treat when he follows your command and it will make your bulldog want to do what you say.

Dog owners have realized how important good food is to an English bulldog health. A balanced diet with adequate amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat or fish for vitality will give a longer healthier life for your bully. Check the food labels to determine if the food is nutritionally appropriate for your furry friend. Don’t forget many commercial dog foods claim to be natural, but contain animal by-products, rendered meat, and slaughterhouse scraps.

Also, you should never feed your dog raw eggs. This is a mistake made by most owners and one that can be deadly. You should be very careful with what you feed your dog because it directly affects the pup. Grooming your dog regularly and treating him kindly will ensure that you and your dog enjoy each other company. English bulldog is one of the best pet that one can have, therefore, should be treated with love and respect. Caring for your dog is essential for its happiness and will prolong your dog life.

Dogs are prone to ear infections, and English bulldog is not exempted, so it is necessary to clean your dog ears regularly. Examine your pup’s ears at least two times a month. Check the skin in the ears and also the skin on the flaps should appear a pale pink. In case you perceive any foul odor coming out of the ears, or any change in the skin color, have a veterinarian check your dog. Use a cotton swab moistened with a little warm water or oil to clean the inside of your dog ears. Be careful not to clean too deeply into the ear canal.

Dog tail is another area that needs constant cleaning because it can lead to infection if ignored. It is the dirtiest part of a Bulldog and needs to be examined regularly for unusual wound and infections. Also, take your bulldog to a veterinarian occasionally to have the proper shots to prevent diseases or any type of sickness. Make sure you have an emergency number of the closest veterinarian in case of emergency. Frequent visits to your veterinarian will allow your dog to live a happy and healthy life.

And get yourself a good pair of scissors or clippers depending on how hard your dog nails are. As a preventive measure, keep a bottle of blood-clotting powder handy at hand. When cutting your dog nails, begin by putting one of your pooches paws in your hand and gradually pull it near you. Trim one nail at a time. Don’t cut at the point where the nail begins curving downwards. If you accidentally cut into your dog blood vessels or nerves, put some blood-clotting powder on a moist piece of cotton apply it firmly against the injured nail.

In conclusion, taking a proper care of an English bulldog will pay you a lifetime of joyful dividends. And you will enjoy the companionship of a loyal and lovely friend. So make use of these tips and become the best dog owner you can be.

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