Dog Insurance Puts Mind at Ease

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When you get a new pet your vet or breeder might present you with the opportunity of purchasing pet insurance. For some, this may seem like a crazy idea, but for others the very idea of pet insurance is one that leaves them with comfort knowing their furry friends are well looked after.

For many years as a pet owner I simply took my dog to the vet when he was ill and paid the bill, thankfully I was very lucky that he was never seriously sick, only a few instances with a broken dew claw. When we got out latest puppy, a French bulldog, who we knew could be prone to more health issues. I took a closer look a pet insurance at the advice of our vet. 

As people, we would never not have health insurance. We like the option of being able to see a doctor when we are sick or hurting. The same should be true for our pets; we shouldn’t have to worry about having to take them for medical attention. The plan I selected for my puppy covered him for all diseases and injuries including genetic conditions. I pay a monthly premium and there is a deductible for each illness or injury claimed. My plan pays direct right to the vet (where available) so very seldom am I ever out of pocket.

This plan has come in very handy when unexpectedly my pup decided to eat a roll of toilet paper that resulted in an overnight admission to the animal hospital, tons of tests and potential surgery. He also has been diagnosed with stress colitis and our plan covered not only his vet visits but also his prescription food. Oh and we have had a few eye injuries too – all covered no questions asked!

When looking at pet insurance packages be sure to ask about
- Waiting periods: how long after signing up do you have to wait for your benefits to kick in
- Can you change your premium/deductible: my plan allows for the changing of the premium/deductible to suit my budget with no penalty, check to see if this is an option with your plan
- How are benefits paid out: does your plan pay your vet directly or do you need to wait for a check?
- Are certain conditions not included? You don’t want to be left with an unexpected bill of you find out a condition is not covered
- Are genetic conditions covered? Is your pets breed prone to certain conditions? Find out of these are covered

Important things to know about insurance
- Most routine exams are not covered
- Most routine immunizations and prevention medications are not covered
- Food and treats are not covered

Pet insurance can give you peace of mind in the event of an unexpected injury or illness. If pet insurance is not an option for you or your pet another option can be as simple as putting a set amount away into a bank account as a safety fund for your pet in case of an emergency. Either way you will be prepared in case something happens that you are not expecting.

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