Cool Facts About Bull Terriers

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Bull terriers, with their distinctive faces and clownish disposition, are one of the most lovable breeds of the canine world. But how well do you know these fun-loving, adorable dogs? Here are some interesting facts you probably didn't know about the bully.

Bred for Dogfights

Back in the day when dogfights were still a favorite pastime of the English nobility, the need for a sturdier and more resilient fighting dog made breeders formulate a new breed from bulls and terriers.

Bull terriers didn't get their name by accident; they are crossbreeds of bulldogs and terriers. The choice of the breeder dogs was to create a champion of the ring, but nature had other plans. Instead of having a dog with the ferocity of the bulldog and agility of the terrier combined, breeders got a more gentle and adorable dog with exceedingly friendly features. Rather than bleed in the ring like their forebears, bull terriers became the bachelor's companion.

They Were Originally All White

James Hinks of Birmingham, England is credited with the majority of the breeding work that led to the present day bull terriers. He believed these unique dogs have more potential and set out to uncover the hidden gem concealed beneath their coat.

Hinks got all-white bull terriers after crossing the breed with the white terrier, Dalmatian and possibly the Border Collie. He names this white-coated, long-faced, and straight-legged dog White Cavaliers because of their perfect white coat and sophisticated appearance.

But humans never stopped experimenting. Eventually, breeders bred the dominant white coat out of Hinks' bull terriers by crossing them with Staffordshire bull terriers, resulting in the mishmash colors of red, black, brown and brindle that you see today. All these took place before the turn of the 20th century, and much has changed since then.

They Are Clownish

Despite their muscular physique and fearsome appearance, bull terriers are the clowns of the dog world. These are gentle and playful dogs that love throwing stunts that will leave you crackling with laughter.

They are active dogs that love the company of adults and older children. However, you need to provide a firm and consistent leadership to ensure they retain their adorable temperament as bull terriers can become possessive and aggressive when handled meekly. While the dog loves playing the clown, its hyperactivity makes it unsuitable for small children.

There Are Miniature Versions

Do you know there are mini bull terriers? If you love these playful dogs but don't want to have them at home because of your little kids, then a miniature bull terrier can add some furry excitement to your family.

Unlike their taller and bigger cousins that can grow up to 21 inches in height, these smaller bull terriers stop growing when they reach a height of about 14 inches, making them more manageable. Plus, they shed less than the bigger dogs and are hypoallergenic.

Unique Face

The bull terriers’ long, egg-shaped face is one of the most distinct of canines. The triangle-shaped eyes are also a rarity in dogs. There are so many things about the bull terrier that fascinates and make you love them.

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