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The French Bulldog originates from England as the English mini bulldog. Around 1860s, French breeders transported some of these pooches to Britain and crossed them with French Terriers. France had affection for these breed and that's how the name "French Bulldog" came. When the breed returned to Britain, there was a great fight for the name because Bulldog was a symbol of English culture.

The French bulldog looks very similar to the English Bulldogs, but much smaller. These little bulldogs have long, erect ears.  They have a strong snout and their noses are similar to Pug's. They have square heads, but they are not as big as the English Bulldogs. These dogs are generally pear-shaped and have a wider shoulder. They have short, soft hair that comes in a variety of colors such as fawn, white, brindle or combined of the three. They have large dark eyes and generally have under-bites. They are about 12 inches tall and fall into two weight categories: 19-22 pounds and 22-28 pounds.

Any French Bulldog breeder can tell you about the charismatic character of this strong and compact animal. They are wonderful buddies. They are sweet and playful. They have very funny characters and like to goof off. They get along well with other animals and people, but often have a strong bond with one individual. They can play well with other dogs, but sometimes the males are aggressive with other dogs and sometimes not. The French bulldog will not have a good life without companionship, it cannot be ignored. This is not a pup that you buy and leave in the backyard for long periods, especially when you and your family are at home. They love people and enjoy being near them.

With these characteristics, it is not surprising that the French Bulldogs are one of the ten most popular dog breeds in the country. These little charmers are an easy addition to any home. The following are the seven reasons why you should consider having a French bulldog.

They are the perfect size Dog. Whether you need a dog as a walking pal or puppy to cuddle on your nap, Frenchie is the right dog for the job. The English bulldog is very large and a toy breeds may not be sizable enough, but Frenchie is just perfect size.

They are affectionate. Frenchie were breed with the intention of being affectionate pets for those who wanted a lap dog with a personality more than the average breed of small dogs. They love to kiss, rub their heads on you, and even jump on your lap. Whether meeting strangers for the first time, playing with children or keeping an elderly people company, the love of French Bulldog has no limits.

They are entertaining. Frenchie prance around the room as if they own the place. Sometimes they like to roll around chattering in entertaining way. There is a good reason these dog become very popular on the Internet, memes and as live-in companions: they bring a new level of entertainment that many ​​breeds cannot boast of.

Frenchie are low maintenance dog. They have smooth short fur that does not require heavy brushing, trimming, and trips to dog groomers. They need their face and ears to be clean from time to time, brush their teeth and cut their nails like other puppy. But in general, when it comes to demanding dog breed, Frenchie are far from it.

Frenchie are the perfect combination of comedy and stubbornness. If you do anything that makes the puppy grumpy, he can jump into his dog's bed for some serious sulking. If he is not in the mood to walk, do not be surprised if your dog lay flat on the floor, as if he just lost the desire to live. While some difficult trainers will be frustrated by this kind of attitude and resistance, we believe that this fun is part of the reason why the Frenchie bulldog is very much loved.

Frenchie are opinionated. This means that they are not afraid to let you know how they feel! They growl, howl, bark and make a lot of sounds that reflect their mood. While this may not be suitable for a person who loves silence, Frenchie is the perfect companion for those who do not mind dog speaking up.

Frenchies are perfect pets for Kids: They have a tolerant personality, enjoy playing outside, but also like to curl up on the sofa at the end of the day. Frenchie will provide protection to younger children, particularly female, and ensure that they are fine. If not, it's likely they will start barking like crazy. In addition, they endure everything children do, such as pulling their ears and hitting them on the back. This makes Frenchie perfect companions for children of all ages, creating a memorable and remarkable childhood.

French Bulldogs are content indoor dogs. There is no need to make uncomfortable climbing trips throughout the day to meet the breed need for exercises. They are okay with short strolls and many indoor playtimes. Highly athletic people may not find the best running pal in French bulldog, as they have short noses and struggle with breathing problems.

Frenchies are excellent watchdog. They are always ready to confront an intruder. Frenchie will alert you about unexpected visits, like the mailman, or about some unexpected events. They can become slightly protective and territorial, which are assets for a watchdog. You can be certain knowing that French Bulldogs are one of the most trained dog breeds and rarely show signs of aggression. More importantly, Frenchies are trusted companions making forever best friends, and their funny expressions will never fail to make you laugh.

Whichever way you look at it, Frenchie are wonderful pets for those who want their puppy full of energy and personality to share their lives with. And the most important thing you should know about French Bulldog breeders is that good breeders do not sell to pet stores. Any purebred dog breeder, like French Bulldog breeders, loves the breed and treats pets like family members, not merchandise.

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