Raise Your Pit Bull to Become Less Aggressive

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Often when we hear about pit bulls in the media and news, it tends to be negative, usually pit bull violence against humans or other dogs. While this can be certainly true, these are very small instances compared the vast amount of pit bulls out in the world. Pit bull attacks are rare occurrences and brought out to be a common thing in the media, mainly on the fact to find a certain type of group to blame, instead of individual cases.

There is no denying pit bulls are scary dogs when aggressive because of their large jaws and stocky build. Pit bulls were originally bred as catch dogs in hunting and attacking large animals for herding livestock and pit but fighting.

Time has changed and the way we raise our pit bull matters. A 2009 study from Journal of Forensic Sciences shows dog owners with criminal convictions tend to choose dogs that were bigger and vicious such as pit bulls, which leads to poor treatment of these dogs and were more likely to engage in dogfighting.

These treatments of pit bulls are most likely the culprit of pit bulls growing to be aggressive and vicious dogs. Abandonment of pit bulls also leads to aggression and violence.

The American Temperament Test Society did a temperament test on dog breeds that show Pit Bull Terrier has the second highest score of passing low aggression, panic, and avoidance behind the Labrador retriever.

Due to a pit bull sheer strength and quickness, when aggression occurs, it will cause inflicting damage which can lead to death, and this can lead to blown proportions of how most pit bulls are dangerous, which is not the case. This is solely based on case to case, which typically has to do to the upbringing of these dogs, not the breed.

Simple Tips to Raise a Non-Aggressive Pit Bull

Train your dog at an early age

As soon as you bring your pit bull home, start training it with hand signals and voice. This will require dedication and time.

Socialize with humans and other dogs

Expose your pit bull to other humans and other dogs so they can learn to enjoy the company of others.

Don’t leave your dog in the house or chained up all the time

Allow your dog to freely explore the house without being chained, and bring the pit outside the house often so the pit bull doesn’t go crazy being stuck in the same place.

Show dominance

You must show your dog you are the master and do not let your pit run all over you. For example, keep your dog off the couch or bed, and let your pit know that they can only come on only when you allow it

Reward your pit

When your pit bull obeys a command, reward him or her with a treat


Pit bulls are strong and athletic dogs and they need to exercise, so bring them hiking or run around with them. This will help release some tension.

Good health and well fed

Keep your pit bull well fed, but do not overfeed your dog, and always ensure your pit bull is in good health. Ensure your dog gets the proper shots with occasional veterinarian visits.

Love your pit bull!

Dogs need affection, physically and mentally, so love your dog as he or she will learn how to love too, and be a kind pit bull


Raising your pit bull to be non-aggressive is not such a hard thing to do. Follow these steps above and you will have no issue raising a friendly and loving pit bull. All they need is companionship and if you can help provide that, they will turn out fine.

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